January 22, 2015

Just to inform all of you, in case I haven’t, I have no wifi at my house currently. That is definitely the reason for the lack of posts here, for your information. Now… On to the junk.

I am stinkin’ excited. Very, very, very much so. I have two really awesome things to tell everybody.

First of all, my family and I (that being my mother, father and myself as well as the new and wonderful boyfriend) have begun the plans for our vacation this summer. Now, this may not sound that exciting to some of you rich douchebags out there who actually got real vacations your whole life. What I have to say to all of you is.. Eff off.

Anyway… Our “family vacations” usually consist of three days in the charming tourist trap that is Branson, Missouri. Needless to say, that gets old and quickly. This year, I convinced my dad to stop being a wimp. I told him that we own a timeshare, for the universe’s sake, we need to use it! He FINALLY agreed and this girl will be going to Vegas this summer. (WHOO!)

Now, some might ask, “why in the world would going to Vegas with your parents be any kind of fun?” Well, to be honest, my parents aren’t sticks in the mud. My mom and I have been planning on hitting every bar on the strip (although I haven’t quite convinced her that the trip to Thunder Down Under is necessary. It’ll happen before we go though, I’m sure.) and my dad has been trying to convince N&W BF (as he will be called until I have permission to use his name. I keep forgetting to ask…) that a burlesque show is definitely something they should look into together.

What will actually end up happening is LOTS of drinking (I’m SO EXCITED for that part…) and a couple of shows. I’m thinking Zarkana (Cirque du Soleil, of course) and the Blue Man Group, which I’ve actually seen before, but would LOVE to see again. No one is disagreeing with me about those shows, so it’ll happen.

We’re also planning a day trip to the Grand Canyon, which will be pretty cool. I’m looking forward to the fantastic photography that will take place, for sure.

As it’s only January and we won’t be going until the last week of July, everything isn’t set in stone yet. I’ll definitely update things as we get everything more planned out. It’s going to be great! But for some reason, I feel the need for a new wardrobe for the trip… I don’t think my usual hippie garb would play out there as well as it does at home…


The second thing I’m stupidly excited about is a new furred addition to my tiny household. However, the new addition is not actually here yet. Nor is it actually even born…


As anyone who has read any of my posts might know, my family breeds Cavalier King Charles spaniels. Therefore, I am very comfortable with breeders and by proxy, buying puppies through breeders. I don’t like having questions that can’t be answered about my dog and (good) breeders can tell you EVERYTHING about their genetics, temperament, etc. I love it.

Obviously, I hope that you can gather that this means I’m planning on getting a new puppy through a breeder. Maybe I made that clear…

N&W BF and I have decided that (since we are both sensible and intelligent people) that we will not move in together until we’ve been together for a while. So far, so good. Although, I do miss him quite a bit when he leaves at night. Being alone has never been my strong suit. But, I deal. Oh,well.

Moving on!

We have decided that at the end of the year (perhaps at the beginning of next year), we are going to purchase a German Shepherd. We joke that it’ll be our “one year anniversary present”.

(I will pause here and explain something. Yeah, I get it, I’ve been dating this guy for a little less than a month now. You probably rolled your eyes at that last statement and called me an idiot. That’s cool, I get you. BUT, it isn’t something you have to understand. Maybe it’s because I had my eye on him for so long, or maybe it’s because we’ve been through so many similar situations… I can’t tell you why he’s different, why he’s better than any man I’ve met. And there have been quite a few. I will tell you this, due to illness and things of that sort, this past month has been hell. It’s that simple. He has been there more for me in that small time period than any male I’ve ever allowed to stick around. In situations where most “boys” would run with their tails between their legs, he has shown such… Care and for no reason except that he wanted to. That is… Special. He is not the kind of person you come across every day and he’s DEFINITELY the kind of man you’d want to be with forever. Maybe he won’t get tired of me, hm? I really do talk a lot…)

Now, I grew up with a beautiful Shepherd named Charidy. She was a 6th birthday present for me and stayed with my family until this past summer. She passed away a few months shy of her 16th birthday. It was gut-wrenching and painful, but she lived a long, happy life and that’s all we ever wanted for her.

When she passed away, I thought I’d never even be able to see another German Shepherd without it hurting. As time has gone on, I’ve definitely missed seeing that gorgeous girl.

It just so happens that N&W BF has always wanted a GSD as well, so it just seemed to fit.

I have done what I am always so good at and found a fantastic breeder who is shockingly very close to home. I’ve spoken with them over the phone and we are both comfortable with purchasing one of their BEAUTIFUL babies. (We even plan to go visit them and meet their dogs in a couple of months.) Of course, it won’t be for a while, but that won’t stop me from planning my little ass off. I feel so sorry for N&W BF, he simply doesn’t understand what he’s getting himself into…

So, it looks like I’m going to be getting a deeply (and wonderfully) pigmented red and black, long-coated German Shepherd in a year’s time or so (MAYBE LESS!) 😀 He even said we could pay the extra fee to have pick of the litter! Holy shiz, I could pee I’m so excited!

And being the person that I am, I’ll end up buying most of the things I’ll need to bring home a new puppy in the next couple of months… I used to have a stockpile, but I have since given all of my supplies to people who’ve purchased puppies from my family… I LOVE BUYING NEW PUPPY SUPPLIES! It’s actually pathetic…

Whoo… Well, I’m going to end this here. As time goes on (and the more excited I get), I’ll definitely post updates on these plans. I hope you’re all looking forward to it as much as I am 😀


Post Script : Meh. We’re not going to Vegas. My heart isn’t broken. If we go on vacation, we’ll b going to New Orleans, Louisiana. I’d honestly prefer that anyway. We’ll see how this plan turns out, hm?


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