January 24, 2015

Today was another full day of conversations that were basically all about… German Shepherds.

Yup. We’re literally that sad.

But at least we decided that we do want a boy, so that’s pretty great 😀

We actually went to a few places in town toady and picked up a few really simple things. Since I have, you know, real bills and not a shit ton of money, it’s easier for me to buy a few things here and there instead of trying to everything all at once. The only thing we’ll probably have to buy before he comes home is food, treats, etc. No sense in buying food forever before anything is going to eat it.

I decided to use this post to chunk a little bit of my wisdom out there.

As I will tell anyone at any time, I fully believe in planning. And pre-planning to be completely honest. Planning to bring home a new puppy is something I usually have to explain all the time. As I handle the business side of our breeding (answering emails, talking over the phone, etc.), I often have to help our customers with things such as, “Which toys would you buy?”, or, “How do you feel about rawhide?”

Ughhh… Don’t even get me started on the insane hazards of rawhide…

Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and do a little post about the basic and essential toys that are always the first things I purchase for a new puppy. That’s what I did today. Just a little bit of stuff, probably less than twenty bucks.

Here we go:

First of all, I really do think stuffed, plushy toys with squeakers are the most important toys you can buy for a dog. They keep them very entertained, whether they’re actually squeaking them, or figuring out how to tear them apart. Now, I will tell the truth, if your dog is what I generally call a “destroyer”, they WILL tear them apart. However, not all puppy dogs are destroyers, so it’s not a guarantee that it’ll happen. My Cavaliers really don’t tear their toys apart at all, but the Chihuahua will massacre any stuffed thing he can find. Which usually consists of the Cavaliers’ toys… So, today, I bought just a couple of stuffed toys for our soon-to-be GSD. It’s as simple as a decent sized armadillo with a squeaker and an odd, long, crinkly-sounding blue dog. Bam. Plushy toys. Success. Just remember to always remove any and all tags from the toys, not just the price tags, but the fabric “made in China” (or wherever) tags as well. I prefer to buy my stuffed toys from Walmart. They’re cheap and of better quality than you’d probably expect. Sometimes dog-specific stores (Petco, Petsmart, etc.) are a little… Over-priced on their plushies.


Second, I always like to grab things to catch/chase. This is as simple as tennis balls (which come in a wonderful array of sizes these days) and frisbees. Now, keep in mind that most dogs will figure out something to do with a tennis ball, but you’ll have to train a dog to play frisbee. Otherwise, they’ll just chew on it and the plastic isn’t good for their tummies. Also, make sure that you buy appropriately sized tennis balls. If you have a Saint Bernard, it would probably be smarter to buy a larger-than-average tennis ball, so they don’t swallow it. They also make very small tennis balls now, but these are not always the best idea. If you have, like… Chihuahuas and only Chihuahuas, maybe they’re not a bad idea, but if you have, say, a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Scottish Terrier, you want to buy regular sized balls. Avoid buying small balls if you have any bigger dogs at all. That is a CRAZY choking hazard. Purchase for their adult size, not their puppy size. They’ll only be babies for a blink of your eye. Most of the time, PetSmart sells (regular sized) tennis balls and frisbees for only .99 and that’s what I grabbed today.


And last of all, I like to grab rope toys. They make several different kinds now, so I got two different kinds today: a regular, but longer than some rope bone and this really cool thing that has two big knots on either end. These are just good to have around the house because it gives your dog something to pull at, gnaw on, and something to carry. It’s that simple. Also, if you have more than one dog, they WILL play tug-of-war together, which is always a lot of fun to watch. I actually grabbed the plain rope bone at my local dollar store, then got the other at Walmart.


Just because I think all doggies should have their own blanket, I also purchased a decent sized, super soft throw blanket. We always send our puppies home with a blanket that smells like their litter mates, so I try to buy one ahead of time to send to my breeder. This way, my pup won’t have as much anxiety during their transition into our home. It’s dark green and blue plaid 😀 I love it.


Now, I do have a few more things I intend on grabbing before we bring him home. I also really like hard rubber, knobbly toys and chicken-flavored Nylabones. They make them for puppies and adults and I’ve learned that most dogs ADORE them. I’ll talk more about those when I actually pick them up.


So, that took a while to type up, holy cow.

I do have a bit more to talk about before I wrap this up tonight though. Sorry, hope you don’t mind reading.

Since we decided that we do want to get a boy, I took another look at my “top ten name list” and put them in order of preference. Here’s that list! 😀

10.) Stoli

9.) Django

8.) Roach

7.) Denali

6.) Otto

5.) Freddo

4.) Shaker

3.) Navarro

And then, there’s Danzig and Zucco. I can’t actually decide which of these I like the most, so I’d probably choose between these two once I’d seen pictures of and met our little (but one day, very large) guy. Jarrett nodded as if these might be acceptable, so that made me pretty excited. We shall see!

Thank you so much for reading all this 🙂 I hope you found even a bit of it sort of informational. G’night!



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