The Perfect Morning

The first thing I want to do in the morning is soak in a wonderfully scalding, bubbly bath with… Candles that smell like honeysuckle, or maybe gardenia all around the room. I want to sip on a glass of my favorite moscato (which has an incredibly Italian name that I can remember how to spell at the moment), while I squeezed my eyes closed and listen to the Civil Wars, or other similar mellow indie music.

I want to relax. I want reflect on the day I’m about to have, plan it all out in my head so I feel like I’m in control. That’s important to me, being in control. It seems like everything has been crazy lately and I’m just exhausted. I don’t micromanage, that’s a promise, but I really do enjoy having a plan and doing my very best to stick to it.

I want to… Sit on my hugely comfortable couch in an incredibly soft sweater and drink an enormous mug of overly-sugar Earl Grey tea (instead of coffee, I’m a tea kind of lady). I want to spend my early morning watching a terrible romantic drama/comedy on Netflix instead of being productive. I swear, by 11 AM, I’ll be doing my “chores”, but… Mornings are for enjoying sunshine, those last couple of minutes on the cool side of the pillow before you get out of bed, and those comfortable “I’m so glad I woke up beside you” hugs.

This entire… Gaggle of nonsense was birthed by a plate of cantaloupe that I had as a snack at 1 AM. I don’t necessarily know why. I was also watching this cute little romantic comedy called One Small Hitch. I would recommend it to any lonely, or ridiculously happy-in-their-relationship female.

It is now 2 AM though, my movie has ended and I’ve turned on Roseanne reruns. I feel like it’s probably time to try and sleep. I’ve tried before. It didn’t work then, probably won’t work now, but I’ll try anyway.

Goodnight, all!



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