About Us

I’m so happy you’re here!

As you can see to the left, my name is Kylee! I’m a rather bohemian, recovering pessimist from central Arkansas. I’m 5’11 with big blue eyes, too pale skin, and often fire-engine-red-dyed hair (naturally, I’m a brunette). I’m the very proud aunt of Kole (June 2012) and Gracie (January 2015) and I’m slowly covering myself in tattoos. I love tie dye and “old lady” flower prints, super soft blankets, warm soup, and a good book.

Simply, I like to drive fast, smile often and laugh too loudly. I spend my free time writing and dreaming up adventures in far-flung places. I hate wearing shoes. I have an absolute weakness for men with tattoos and wide grins, also for fresh flowers. Earrings are my staple accessory. I love sleeping in, taking pictures, drinking overly-sugared Earl Grey tea, and anything vintage or re-purposed.

I enjoy the quiet, peaceful beauty of nature and the feeling of the sun on my skin. I like decent tequila and organic food (when I can afford it). I try to stay clear-headed and open-minded, I wear a lot of long skirts and I make a mean cup of hot cocoa (complete with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles).

I collect funny fridge magnets and interesting coffee mugs, my favorite flowers are daisies, and I never use the last little bit of anything in a bottle. I absolutely love anything old/southern like screened-in porches with haint-blue-painted ceilings, or spirit bottles hanging in trees. I can’t stand being cold (I ALWAYS have a blanket nearby) and I hate washing dishes by hand.

With the encouragement of my favorite people, I’m planning on going to school to become a wedding planner/coordinator. I also plan to take several photography classes to become a professional photographer, as well as getting my certification to become a bartender.



He is Jarrett. He’s 6’2 with reddish-brown hair (which I only get to see via his very handsome beard) and brown eyes with plenty of green thrown in. He’s goofy, forgetful, sweet, polite, caring and very intelligent. Did I mention hilarious? He makes me laugh every single day. He makes me feel like my opinion matters and like I’m beautiful and smart.

(He’s gonna be so mad at me for posting that picture with the flower behind his ear, but I promised him I wouldn’t post it on FACEBOOK. This doesn’t count, right? :/)

I could spend the rest of forever sitting in the armchair next to his, watching the military movies he likes so much and listening to him tell me about whatever he’s currently excited about, whether it’s guns (his favorite subject), or the plans we keep making for the future, which seems to be one of our favorite things to do.

He has five tattoos currently, one less than me. He likes that I’m a bit of a hippie and listens to me when I talk way too much, one of my most horrible habits. We have the same taste in music, in food, and in adventures.

He likes Irish whiskey and prefers chicken to red meat. He’s a “mountain-man” with absolutely no interest in big cities. He has an incredibly loyal heart and a deep sense of obligation to take care of the ones he loves. He dislikes pickles, people who “bitch and moan about everything”, and seeing me sick, or upset when there’s nothing he can do to fix it.

He’s incredibly supportive and understanding when it comes to my ridiculous medical issues and I have yet to find a way to truly thank him for that.

His current life goal is to take all the classes/get a whole bunch of certifications to become a gunsmith, which he’ll be amazing at. He knows more about firearms then anyone else I’ve ever met and one whole half of my family is completely filled with Louisiana swamp hunters. As his life goal was to join the military for a really long time (he was even the Battalion Commander in ROTC in high school), but is unsure of whether he wants to do that since he has a family now, he has also considered becoming a police officer. We talk about this option often!

I love him.


❤ Our wee one is currently baking! ❤

Bodhi, our baby bear, Mama and Daddy can’t wait to meet you!




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