Apologies and Information

Whoo… I can’t believe I haven’t posted since September 😦 I am SO sorry…

Of course, a lot has been going on and getting on here to post hasn’t been the first thing on my mind. Obviously.

A short run-through of events? Sure!

Got hired at a clothing store in July? Check.

Attended AMAZING Alice Cooper/Motley Crue concert with my parents and Jarrett in October? Check!

Started working as a substitute teacher in our area in November, so I left the job at the clothing store? Check!

Had several doctor appointments and our 4D ultrasound? Check!

Started planning my baby shower (because I have control issues and want to make sure everything is done the way I think it it should be done)? Check!

Began planning my vacation to Branson, Missouri with my parents for the few days before Christmas? Check!

Work, work, work? Save money, save money, save money? Check!

I really have been up to quite a few things over the past couple of months. Finding and getting settled into a decent job that will actually keep bills paid, etc. has been more difficult than it should have been. I have an awesome work history and all of that, but most people in my area can’t afford to pay me what I should be being paid. That’s pretty stinkin’ lame. Therefore, I moved into an all new field of job. Hopefully this will prove fruitful. I’m not a fan of 100% relying on Jarrett.

As of tomorrow, my baby shower is one month away and we will have a whole crap ton of stuff to do. Technically, my mom, Jarrett’s mom, and my mom’s best friend are “throwing the shower for me”, but that doesn’t really seem to be how it’s going. Like I said above, I have control issues, so I want to make sure it all goes the way I want it to, haha.

I know this didn’t really say too much of… Well, anything, but I do have to end this here. I need to be getting to bed since I have to wake up at 6 AM to be at school at 7:30 AM. Another long day of children with bad attitudes 😛 I am working at my mom’s school though, so I’ll get to spend my lunch break and “prep period” with her. That’s always a nice perk.

I hope everyone has had a great autumn so far! I’ll leave my favorite of Bodhi’s 4D ultrasound pictures at the bottom so everyone can see it 🙂





Our gender reveal party was tonight!

I don’t really have any filler because I’m just TOO STINKIN’ EXCITED!

Jarrett and I got our wish! IT’S A BOY! You have NO idea how happy we are!

Here are a few pictures from our night. I tried to only include ones of Jarrett and I since I don’t have permission from any of our family or friends to put their pictures on my blog.

These are the important ones anyway:


This is when we opened our box! Obviously, blue balloons popped out!


Proof of our happiness 😀 I love him so much!


This is my favorite from tonight! Jarrett is holding our balloons, of course and I have the ultrasound pictures that proved that our little guy is, well, a guy. This now both of our profile pictures on Facebook, haha.


Anyway, he already has a name, which some of you might know since I posted our possibilities on the “About Us” page.

His name is Bodhi H C E.

Obviously, you don’t get to know the whole thing, guys, but I’ll tell you more about his name.

Bodhi has been a love of mine for years. I’m incredibly lucky that Jarrett ended up loving it too! It’s pronounced boh-dee. This is the original spelling of the name, which is Sanskrit and means “awakened, enlightened”. I like that is sounds nice and southern, but has that hippie vibe that’s so… Me. Jarrett likes that aspect too. It fits our little family perfectly.

H is my maternal grandfather’s name. He was the only constant grandparent I had (my nana lived 6 hours for most of my life, my paternal grandmother doesn’t like my family and paternal grandfather’s wife didn’t like his kids, only her own…) and he passed away in December of 2012. I told myself that if I ever had a son I’d name him after my grandfather, who’d always LOVED the idea of having a H L S the Second. Jarrett REALLY likes his name and even suggested that we use it as a first name. I just… Don’t know if I could say H every day without feeling a bit sad. Middle name it is!

C is Jarrett’s older brother. He’s a Corpsman in the Navy and a very devoted husband and father. He is Jarrett’s ultimate  best friend. He was Jarrett’s rock while they were growing up and even though he probably doesn’t know it, I will be forever grateful for who he helped Jarrett become.

There you go. All of the info. It’s late and I would greatly enjoy an eight hour nap!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a FANTASTIC day tomorrow!


Baby Bear’s First EVER Picture!

As I’m sure you can all gather, I haven’t posted much this past month because everything has been a bit hectic. With all of the sickness and the exhaustion, I haven’t really felt like typing some huge post about sleeping too much and eating a lot of very small meals so I don’t turn into Linda Blair from The Exorcist.

Anywho, over the past week or two, I’ve begun to feel a lot better, although I’m sore and tired most of the time. Today was the first time I went to actually see my OB/GYN. So far I’ve only been going to the local Health Department. It was a WONDERFUL doctor’s visit.

I was told they just wanted to go over everything, et cetera, but when Jarrett and I got there, they told us that they actually wanted to do our first ultrasound! Our first reaction was, “Oh, crap… Our moms aren’t here!” However, I quite enjoyed the idea that Jarrett and I got to see our “Little Bit” for the first time by ourselves. 🙂 It just seems so sweet that way.

Here’s the picture!


I apologize for the size, but you can’t really see anything otherwise. It’s sort of a funny picture. Our Baby Bear was pretty much balancing on its head! The little wing-looking things at the top of the picture are its feet. It had its ankles crossed and its arms behind its head, like it was just… Chillin’ upside-down! Hahaha, leave it to our kiddo to be a tiny weirdo even in utero. (That was quite a few words ending in O…)

The doctor also said that it’s actually a little bigger than it should be for 14 weeks, so he’s thinking I might actually be 16 weeks along instead. At my next appointment, they’ll be able to tell me for sure and give me a much more accurate due date.


It’s been one crazy month, for sure. We’ve tried to refrain from buying much of anything until we find out the gender. So far, all we’ve got so far is an adorable, whale-shaped bathtub, a set of receiving blankets covered in foxes (<3!), and my mom bought our first onesie! It says “Guns N Roses, Sweet Child O’ Mine”, which has HUGE meaning for she and I. I’m in love!

On a more “about me” note, I’ve had two interviews for a very small part time job at a popular clothing store here in my hometown. It’ll end up being my “second job” since it’ll only be able 10 hours a week for the most part. I’m still in the hiring process of hiring at the “closer to full time” job. I’ll probably work 45 hours a week. Go me!

Thank you so much for reading all of this! I’ll try to start doing a better job of keeping the blog updated.


Happy Birthday, Kole!

Today is literally day nine of being stupidly sick. Luckily, the migraine is nearly gone, but the stomach pain? No. Getting sick? No. And now, I feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat. I am SO sore. I feel like I’ve had the flu for a month. Worst part? Doctors seem to be nonexistent right now and I hate to be dramatic enough to go to the ER. It’s damn near to that point though, I’m so tired of being… Tired.

Most importantly though, today is my handsome nephew’s third birthday 😀 I simply cannot believe that it  has already been three years since I held him for the first time. He used to be so little and adorable, now he’s HUGE and so funny and he likes fried pickles as much as I do.


This picture is from just about a week ago, when he won a sheep-riding contest at a rodeo. Mind you remember that my sister and brother-in-law live in Texas and think that’s the coolest thing. Me? Not so much, really.

Also, tonight is the premier of Jurassic World (the movie, obviously) and we’re going to the 8:15 PM show  at the local theater. Jarrett is ridiculously excited for it. He was one of those guys that grew up with Jurassic Park t-shirts, plastic dinosaurs all over the place, and a love for ancient stuff. I’m happy to go watch it with him just because he’s looking forward to it so much.

Speaking of movies and such, I’d just like to say that Netflix is annoying the heck out of me as of late. I can’t seem to ever find a single stinkin’ thing to watch, nothing is very entertaining, and I get tired of it acting like I like insipid movies about sorority girls because I watched Legally Blonde one time. Currently, I’m watching James and the Giant Peach. Of course, this isn’t one of the annoying things on Netflix. I grew up watching this movie and it’s one of my favorites, for sure. Can you imagine how GREAT that peach smelled, being that big? I think I’d pass out from pure pleasure. Every single time we walk by the boxes of peaches in the grocery store, Jarrett and I pause to just inhale for a minute or two. I love that smell so much. There might not be anything better at all.

I guess I’ll go ahead and end this here. It’s pretty much all drivel anyway. Nothing of real importance. I’ll try to find something awesome to write about next time, but for now, I bid you adieu!


Catch Up Time!

Holy cow, I do apologize.

So. Much. Stuff. Has. Been. Happening.

I’m not even going to try to tell you every little thing that’s happened. It would take the next two days. I don’t have the time for that, to be honest.

One thing that was important is going to Texas for three days in March. I finally got to visit my adorable niece and Jarrett got to meet my sister, brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew. It was a nice visit, but I LOATHE Texas…

I have been sick, like bed-ridden sick, for the past three days. Today is the fourth and I am exhausted. Over the past nine months or so I have been trying to get my anxiety and bipolar disorder under control and, of course, that means taking a hundred different kinds of pills, searching for one that will actually work.

As you might know, pills for those sort of things generally come with migraines as a side-effect. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines when I was five years old. Over the past six months, my migraines have grown incredibly worse. They’ve gone from one or two a month with added nausea, to one or two a week with temporary blindness, numbness in my hands and feet, and dizziness that makes it really difficult to walk.

Obviously, needless to say, that’s what I’ve been dealing with this week. Since I sit at a desk, take phone calls, and work on a computer, these migraines make it very hard to actually function at work. Luckily, I have this crazy leave in the system that lets me miss for my headaches without getting in trouble, but they’re still getting to the point of being ridiculous.

Having talked to a specialist, who explained that the medications that I’ve tried are more than likely what’s made the migraines worse, I’ve decided to look into alternate forms of “medication”, the most prevalent one being the use of an emotional support dog, a service dog trained to deal with an owner who has mental “disabilities” like PTSD, or, like me, an anxiety disorder.

Since Jarrett and I are buying a German Shepherd (at some point! My frickin time frame keeps getting pushed back.), which are commonly used as service dogs, we decided to train the one we get to be my emotional support dog. Jarrett always knew that our dog will be his buddy, but he’ll be my baby. All of my pets end up stuck to me like glue. I basically get addicted to them and them to me.

The breeder we’ve chosen, whom I’ve become pretty good friends with over the past couple of months, knows all about my health issues and it helping us choose the perfect pup to fit our needs. Not only will he be a service dog, but he’ll also have to hike and camp with us. We are very outdoorsy folks, after all. We’ve visited and played with puppies twice, once in April and once in May. I absolutely ADORE them.

Well, anyway, that’s what I’m going through personally at the moment. Now, Jarrett… He’s doing some other crazy stuff.

He has decided to join the Marine Corps.

This is not a rash, spur of the moment decision that he made. Jarrett was in ROTC in high school, ended up being the Battalion Commander by the end of it all, and he was also on the school’s shooting team. He can blindfold himself, take apart his AK-47, then put it back together in just a couple of minutes. The only reason he didn’t join right after he graduated was because he wants a family. He was so worried that he’d join, become a lifer, and never get a chance to have the family that he craves.

Of course, it’s incredibly frightening. I mean, the military is scary and Marines are pretty hardcore, so just about anything could happen. I’m looking on the bright side of everything, simply trying to think about the fact that it’s a fantastic way to get to travel.

Since it’ll be next spring before he signs papers, we’ll be together for over a year then. I hope that after the weeks and weeks and weeks of work he has to do before he finds out where he stationed that he gets stationed in California, at Fort Pendleton. I mean, Alaska, Hawaii, or Japan would be cool options too, they are less likely. Most of the Marines I know are stationed in California. (Although, a friend of mine’s little brother did just get sent to Japan for two years.) Neither of us are very big “beach bums” since we both have a pretty dumb fear of the ocean (don’t ask…), so Alaska would pretty awesome. Jarrett wants to hunt big animals like… Elk, or something and I like how beautiful the nature is there. The twenty-four-hour sunshine is pretty spiffy too. (The twenty-four-hour darkness is what would freak me out. I’m a bit afraid of the dark…) An old friend from high school just married an Army man and they live in Alaska now. She’s been posting GORGEOUS pictures on social media. I’m stupidly jealous, truthfully.

Now, the less pretty stuff is that I’ve moved out of my house. It IS mine, so it’s not going anywhere, but I hated living there and with the way my health is right now, I’ve barely been making my bills. My parents asked me to move back into their house, so I decided that it would probably be my best option. I am now living in the spare bedroom at my parent’s, enjoying mom-cooked meals and all the love from our family’s Cavalier King Charles spaniels and the Chihuahua who loves me more than anyone else ever. It’s nice to not have to pay utilities.

Blah, blah, blah. So there’s your brief glance into what has become my life. Things are nice and stressful, but at least I have fun things to look forward to in the future. Maybe marrying the most phenomenal man on the planet, getting to move somewhere that I’ve never even visited before, and getting a wonderful canine creature to spend all of my time with. I’ll end this here, for now, but I’ll be back when I have something worth talking about and as thanks for reading all of this, here’s a new picture of that handsome man and I. This is from my birthday, which was in April. We were on our way to visit German Shepherd puppies for the first time.



February 4, 2015

I know it’s been just a few days since I posted, but a lot of junk has been going on. I got a super bad oral infection, missed a bunch of work, made an ER trip and had surgery.

Blah, blah, blah.

That really isn’t that important. What’s important is the fact that my niece has officially made her entrance! 😀

Miss Gracie Ryon was born on January 26th and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

And the best part? She’s a little ginger! 😀 😀 😀 All I’ve ever wanted in life is a red-headed niece or nephew. My brother-in-law (who has DARK red hair and a million freckles) finally came through for me. Thank you, Payton!

I haven’t got to meet her since they live in Texas and I’m stuck in Arkansas until Spring Break, but I do have pictures!

Here you go :

She’s so adorable! I am one proud aunt, you guys.


January 24, 2015

Today was another full day of conversations that were basically all about… German Shepherds.

Yup. We’re literally that sad.

But at least we decided that we do want a boy, so that’s pretty great 😀

We actually went to a few places in town toady and picked up a few really simple things. Since I have, you know, real bills and not a shit ton of money, it’s easier for me to buy a few things here and there instead of trying to everything all at once. The only thing we’ll probably have to buy before he comes home is food, treats, etc. No sense in buying food forever before anything is going to eat it.

I decided to use this post to chunk a little bit of my wisdom out there.

As I will tell anyone at any time, I fully believe in planning. And pre-planning to be completely honest. Planning to bring home a new puppy is something I usually have to explain all the time. As I handle the business side of our breeding (answering emails, talking over the phone, etc.), I often have to help our customers with things such as, “Which toys would you buy?”, or, “How do you feel about rawhide?”

Ughhh… Don’t even get me started on the insane hazards of rawhide…

Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and do a little post about the basic and essential toys that are always the first things I purchase for a new puppy. That’s what I did today. Just a little bit of stuff, probably less than twenty bucks.

Here we go:

First of all, I really do think stuffed, plushy toys with squeakers are the most important toys you can buy for a dog. They keep them very entertained, whether they’re actually squeaking them, or figuring out how to tear them apart. Now, I will tell the truth, if your dog is what I generally call a “destroyer”, they WILL tear them apart. However, not all puppy dogs are destroyers, so it’s not a guarantee that it’ll happen. My Cavaliers really don’t tear their toys apart at all, but the Chihuahua will massacre any stuffed thing he can find. Which usually consists of the Cavaliers’ toys… So, today, I bought just a couple of stuffed toys for our soon-to-be GSD. It’s as simple as a decent sized armadillo with a squeaker and an odd, long, crinkly-sounding blue dog. Bam. Plushy toys. Success. Just remember to always remove any and all tags from the toys, not just the price tags, but the fabric “made in China” (or wherever) tags as well. I prefer to buy my stuffed toys from Walmart. They’re cheap and of better quality than you’d probably expect. Sometimes dog-specific stores (Petco, Petsmart, etc.) are a little… Over-priced on their plushies.


Second, I always like to grab things to catch/chase. This is as simple as tennis balls (which come in a wonderful array of sizes these days) and frisbees. Now, keep in mind that most dogs will figure out something to do with a tennis ball, but you’ll have to train a dog to play frisbee. Otherwise, they’ll just chew on it and the plastic isn’t good for their tummies. Also, make sure that you buy appropriately sized tennis balls. If you have a Saint Bernard, it would probably be smarter to buy a larger-than-average tennis ball, so they don’t swallow it. They also make very small tennis balls now, but these are not always the best idea. If you have, like… Chihuahuas and only Chihuahuas, maybe they’re not a bad idea, but if you have, say, a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Scottish Terrier, you want to buy regular sized balls. Avoid buying small balls if you have any bigger dogs at all. That is a CRAZY choking hazard. Purchase for their adult size, not their puppy size. They’ll only be babies for a blink of your eye. Most of the time, PetSmart sells (regular sized) tennis balls and frisbees for only .99 and that’s what I grabbed today.


And last of all, I like to grab rope toys. They make several different kinds now, so I got two different kinds today: a regular, but longer than some rope bone and this really cool thing that has two big knots on either end. These are just good to have around the house because it gives your dog something to pull at, gnaw on, and something to carry. It’s that simple. Also, if you have more than one dog, they WILL play tug-of-war together, which is always a lot of fun to watch. I actually grabbed the plain rope bone at my local dollar store, then got the other at Walmart.


Just because I think all doggies should have their own blanket, I also purchased a decent sized, super soft throw blanket. We always send our puppies home with a blanket that smells like their litter mates, so I try to buy one ahead of time to send to my breeder. This way, my pup won’t have as much anxiety during their transition into our home. It’s dark green and blue plaid 😀 I love it.


Now, I do have a few more things I intend on grabbing before we bring him home. I also really like hard rubber, knobbly toys and chicken-flavored Nylabones. They make them for puppies and adults and I’ve learned that most dogs ADORE them. I’ll talk more about those when I actually pick them up.


So, that took a while to type up, holy cow.

I do have a bit more to talk about before I wrap this up tonight though. Sorry, hope you don’t mind reading.

Since we decided that we do want to get a boy, I took another look at my “top ten name list” and put them in order of preference. Here’s that list! 😀

10.) Stoli

9.) Django

8.) Roach

7.) Denali

6.) Otto

5.) Freddo

4.) Shaker

3.) Navarro

And then, there’s Danzig and Zucco. I can’t actually decide which of these I like the most, so I’d probably choose between these two once I’d seen pictures of and met our little (but one day, very large) guy. Jarrett nodded as if these might be acceptable, so that made me pretty excited. We shall see!

Thank you so much for reading all this 🙂 I hope you found even a bit of it sort of informational. G’night!