Circle of Love

This page is very simply a place for me to tell you about the ones that are nearest and dearest to my heart. Additions will be made and some taken away as time goes on, I’m sure, but that’s how life goes, is it not?


The month I turned twenty, a litter of kittens was born in my hometown. There were at least five that I can remember, but I knew that two would come home with me. I fully believe that cats do better in pairs. I was certain that the handsome yellow fellow was destined to live in my home, but who would be his companion?

As his solid gray chunk of a brother made a bed out of my lap, I knew he was mine too. I scooped them both up, chucked them into my car and home we went. They’re names became Rum Tum Tugger, my little yellow darling and Tumblebrutus, my chubby gray boy. As their full names are too fussy, they’re affectionately known as Rummy and Brutus.

They were there before I was fully settled and they made the process much easier with their silly antics, adorable stalking and sweet cuddles.

Nowadays, they’re HUGE and they argue quite a lot, but I still love them dearly.

Brutus has become an adventurer and only comes inside during meal times and crappy weather. I’m unsure of exactly what he does during his Indiana Jones days, but he is quite covered in scars now. During said crappy weather, he enjoys the quiet, dark cave at the bottom of the giant cat tower. He’s still sweeter than sugar, as he always has been. I’m his favorite person and on occasion, he ventures into the living for a lap-laying session and several kisses.

On the contrary, Rummy only goes outside if I’m not home. All he wants to do is sneak a bite of dinner and flop all over the living room floor. He enjoys laying under the coffee table, watching tv. He really isn’t a fan of meeting new people…

image image

At the beginning of October (2014), I saw a picture of an adorable, dark orange kitten on one of those local swap pages on Facebook. Instantly, I fell in love. The next day, I went and visited him, then took him home later that night. It took me just a bit, but I decided to call him Monday. Mostly, I call him Baby Cat.

He’s quite the loud mouth and doesn’t believe in personal space. He follows me everywhere and doesn’t understand why I step on him so often. All he wants to do is curl around my ankles constantly. He seems to be staying rather small, but I don’t care. He’s insanely soft and fluffy.



When I was fourteen, I fell in love with a certain dog breed, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. I wanted one so bad I could taste it, however, we had four cats and a German shepherd in our house, so my parents said no.

I bidded my time.

When I was eighteen, I started saving money. Over the next year, I purcashed two. A handsome ruby boy named Abbott was the first and I fell in love. Six months later, I bought his girlfriend, a tri-color named Brinkley.

I managed to convince my parents that breeding Abbott and Brinkley once a year would benefit our family as well as many others. I firmly believe that dogs are the greatest creatures on this planet.

They agreed.


Our first litter we had six pups, five girls and one lonesome boy. I didn’t sell a single one, just gave them away as gifts. Three stayed in the family: Jasmine went to my aunt, my parents kept Ratchet (the only boy) as well as Abbott and Brinkley and I took Penny, the only Blenheim when I moved out.

She is the sweetest creature on this planet. I really do think Abbott and Brinkley made her specifically for me. All she wants to do is cuddle. Always. She’ll sit by me on the couch for hours.


It was just Penny, the boys and I for a while. The only problem was Penny has major separation anxiety. She did NOT like to be alone and I work full time… When I baby-sat one of her sisters, I realized how much better she did with another dog around. My father decided that since he adored Penny so much, he wanted me to give her to them. That way she’d have plenty of other Cavaliers to keep her company.

In April of 2014, our second litter was born. Nine puppies this time, five girls and four boys. As soon as the second ruby (a boy) was born, I knew he was ours… There’s something about those rubies that make my heart melt.


Rigby is just like his daddy, a little troublemaker, but I love him. Like his big sister, he knows who his person is. I carried him around since he was two days old. He’s already spoiled, which might not be something I should brag about… He has become Penny’s constant companion at our Cavalier Compound (my parent’s house).



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